Hadrianopolis: The ruins of a roman site in Gjirokaster

We all know some or several ancient cities of Albania. Some are more and others less famous for their history and what happened there. There is also an ancient city that many may not know so well and ignore a detail of its history. It is Hadrianopolis and one of the most ancient city in […]

Cliff of princess Argjiro

From among the various tales describing how Gjirokaster came to be, we will tell you our favourite. Princess Argyro is a heroine of the local folkloric tale, from whom the old name of Gjirokastra is said to be derived: Argyrokastra. According to the local legend, Princess Argiro was one of the three Byzantine princesses-Gina, Leno, Argyro. […]

The weather in Gjirokaster, Albania

In spring and summer, the weather in Albania is usually sunny. You can plan a pleasant vacation in Albania from April to mid-October and until the end of November in most of Albania. The Albanian winter is cold, mainly in northern, northeast and southeast, so temperatures drop, and most of the mountainous region of Albania […]

Gjirokaster Albania: A fairy tale hillside town

Alongside Albania’s most beautiful traditional houses and the city’s famous limestone and shale paved roads, the city houses, lies the Castle of Gjirokastra, one of the oldest in the Balkans! The “city of stone” offers a number of authentically rich culinary delights and memorable panoramas of the surrounding mountainous. The main characteristic of Gjirokastra is […]