From among the various tales describing how Gjirokaster came to be, we will tell you our favourite. Princess Argyro is a heroine of the local folkloric tale, from whom the old name of Gjirokastra is said to be derived: Argyrokastra. According to the local legend, Princess Argiro was one of the three Byzantine princesses-Gina, Leno, Argyro.

In the battle against the Ottoman Empire, she jumped off the cliff together with her son to escape from being captured as a prisioner by the Ottomans.

Unfortunate, princess Argyro fell on a rock and died immediately. However, her son was still alive, and to bless him she began to drip milk. According to legend, the baby survived from the stone dripping with milk.

Thus, quick Argyro,
Ran with her baby girl,
Swung like a bird in the wind
From the fortress to the abyss,

Rock on rock thus broken,
She fell like a star,
but was not extinguished

Ismail Kadare – excerpt from his poem, She Fell Like A Star, But Was Not Extinguished