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Off-Road Tours

Thrilling mountain pathways!
If you are “addicted” to the sound of roaring engines and spinning wheels, an off-road tour in mountain trails with our 4×4 vehicles is what you need! Off-road holidays are a perfect way to explore the Albanian mountains and to enjoy the breathtaking beauty around you.

Hiking Tours

A hiking tour to the essence of Southern Albania. Travelling through picturesque Mediterranean landscapes, you walk through the beautiful nature and you visit the main historical and cultural attractions of the South, in a fantastic journey off the beaten path! There are hiking routes that go through luscious forests, waterfalls, rivers and canyons. South Albania is mountainous and a true hiker’s paradise.

City Tours

Discover the timeless beauty and fascinating history with our sightseeing day-tour of Gjirokaster. Our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides will provide you with an in–depth of the city many attractions, including the Castle, the Old Bazaar, the Ali Pasha Bridge, the St. Sotir Church, the Bektashi Tekke and more. Take full advantage of your time in Gjirokaster and the surrounding areas with our tours to some of the most important historic, cultural, and religious monuments in Albania.

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