Archaeological Park of Antigonea

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Archaeological Park of Antigonea, Albania
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Antigonea is situated at dominant point on hill of Jerma, 14 km by road from the city of Gjirokastra. Antigonea was founded around 295 BC by King Pyrrhus (319-272), king of the Molossians. The Molossians were one of the three tribes of Epirus, the ancient region comprising modern-day Albania and northern Greece. Pyrrhus was an ambitious king who even crossed the Adriatic to do battle with the rising Roman Republic. While he bested them, he would later be killed by Greeks a few years after his return home. Interestingly, the city was named after his wife Antigone, the stepdaughter of King Ptolemy Egypt, a former general of Alexander the Great.  It was a short-lived city that lived about 150 years. This archaeological site lies on a hill about 600 meters above sea level and was at one point completely encircled by a fortified wall estimated at four km in circumference, with the city’s spread covering 35 hectares. During this day, we climb the Eremir Cave and the cave complex located at the bottom of the rocky massif. The ruins of the monastery are located about 3 km northeast of the ancient city of Antigone. Spile Monastery is located 17 km North-East of the city of Gjirokastra. About 14 km of this road are paved with asphalt, while 3 km of it can be crossed only by off-road. Of the entire monastery, only the church remains, a 400-year-old building, built in the 16th century. It is not only the church, but also a cave complex next to it. Two churches have stood the test of time in the territory of the Monastery of Spile. The first is the church of Saint Mary, which is decorated in all the wall spaces with frescoes with biblical motifs. Meanwhile, the Church of Saint Kolli, located in a cave found on the rock face at a height of about 30 meters. According to local legends, this cave served as a place of sacrifice for hermits. For this reason it is called the Cave of Hermits and the bones of self-sacrificing hermits are scattered there.


  • Explore the archaeological site of Antigonea
  • Hiking straight the Hermits Cave
  • Off road through the mountain


  • Hiking tour
  • Lunch & drinks
  • Entrance fee for the site of Antigonea
  • Off-road with Land Rover


Let’s discover the magic site of Antigonea Your enthusiastic tour guide, who will be with you throughout your journey, will meet you at 09 am, at Bukowski Bar, Gjirokaster. You may have heard something alike, but none like the beautiful story of Antigonea, the city that rose from love and was destroyed by hatred. This is the story that has travelled through the centuries and today, traces of the time remind us. The founding of the city is associated with one of the most famous names of antiquity, King Pyrrhus of Epirus and his beloved princess of Egypt Antigone. Reconnect with nature on off-road adventure straight the Monastery of Spile from Antigonea. Enjoy an hour hike, pass through a magical mountain landscape with spectacular trees on your way. The monastery of Spile dates back to 1634. The object amazes with the vibrancy of the fresco colours and the rebellious style of mural painting. The small church of monks in a cave that stands inside the site of a karst rock is the culmination of this experience. The cave once housed hermit monks. It is believed they had isolated themselves in the cave as an act of sacrifice to their sinful nature. The last monks lived in the monastery until after the Second World War and the place was abandoned during the communist regime.


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Archaeological Park of Antigonea, Albania


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From: €60.00
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