Waterfall of Selcke

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Ujëvara e Selcës, Selcë, Albania
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8-11 Hours

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It is precisely that inexplicable peace that the greenery of the forests and the blueness of the water give to the soul and make it feel relaxed like never before. Therefore, we are always in pursuit of these oases of nature, which amaze us with their perfection, vibrant colours, and unique sounds, so is the waterfall of Selcka. The Selcka Waterfall is located two km away from Gjirokastra. The Selcka valley is six km long is under the administration of Pogoni local unit and is also part of Zagoria Nature Park.

If you want a great outdoor day trip combined with a picnic, Selcka waterfall is the perfect synonym of it.

We take care for the grill, nature takes care to the view!

In the village of Labova e Kryqit, you can visit one of the most beautiful Byzantine churches in Albania, which is dedicated to St. Mary. Typical Byzantine building with a high dome at the top. A late narthex provides the main entrance. There are 9 visible levels of paintings and frescoes on the interior walls. Some historians say that although the original construction of the Church dates back to 527-565 during the time of Emperor Justinian, the church has been modified and what we see today resembles a 13th century structure during the time of the despot of Epirus. But the inhabitants of Labova strongly defend their version, that this church was built in the time of Emperor Justinian. The area around Libohova Castle is a rocky area with an impressive landscape. Here through this area we can see the whole Drino Valley, while in this area there are several other objects of interest such as Ottoman period dwellings and two pagan tombs located on a rock in the Marina neighborhood of Libohova. The city founded in the period of the great Roman Emperor Hadrian. Archaeological expeditions there discovered a rich necropolis, theater, traces of dwellings and a temple. It is thought to have been an episcopal center in late antiquity. In the V-VI century, according to the Procopius of Caesarea, Justinianopol was renamed in honor of the Byzantine emperor, Justinian.


  • Hike to the famous waterfall of Selcka viewpoint for panoramic vistas of the Zagoria Natural Park
  • Barbecue at the Selcka waterfall
  • Visit the church of Labova e Kryqit
  • Take a break under the Plane Tree in Libohova
  • Visit the Libohova Castle
  • Explore the antique city of Hadrianopol


  • Coffee & drinks
  • Grill
  • First-aid box


Enjoy a light hike with a trek leader from Bukowski Bar at 09 am towards the Selcka waterfall viewpoint in the Suha valley, offering breath taking panoramas of the Zagoria Nature Park, a miracle of nature, an unbelievable swimming pool. A must visit! Fire up the grill and try the delicious lunch with grilled vegetables and meat under the waterfall, tastes like nowhere. During this tour we have the opportunity to visit the church of Labova e Kryqit, the one of the oldest in Albania with many puzzles and is thought to have been built on a Pelasgian site and once contained a sacred relic believed to be part of the true cross of Christ. A nice break for a coffee under the Plane Tree in Libohova, a 560 years old tree, a monument of the culture of the first Category. Then we visit the Castel of Libohova, a medieval fortress that dominates the entire Drino Valley from a very strategic junction on a rocky hill, in the centre of the city of Libohova, located on the steep slopes of Mount Bureto. As our last stop for a day to remember is the archaeological site of Hadrianopol, a city founded more than 2000 years ago. One thing is certain: by the time you reach the end, at approximately 07 pm, you’ll wish you could start all over again!


Full Day (8-11 Hours)



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Ujëvara e Selcës, Selcë, Albania


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From: €80.00
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