Hadrianopolis Ancient Theater

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Hadrianopolis Ancient Theater, Sofratikë, Albania
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The Roman-era site of Hadrianopolis, located about 13 km southeast of Gjirokaster.

While a settlement had existed here since the Hellenistic era, a new city was founded at this spot by the Roman emperor Handrian (76 – 138 AD) who named it after himself. Hadrian visited the area around Gjirokaster in AD 125. The Roman emperor Hadrian was often seen enjoying the theatre on warm summer nights. In fact, there’s a good chance that Hadrian himself sat and watched a play in this theatre, located in the Roman province of Illyricum. It lay on a small triangular plateau of 8 ha. The surrounding walls of c. IV-III for with hewn stone blocks are reinforced with towers and indentations. In the century I-II the city moved. A rich necropolis, theatre, traces of dwellings and a temple have been discovered. In late antiquity it was an episcopal centre. In the V-VI centuries, according to Procopius of Caesarea, it was renamed Justinianopol (in honor of the Byzantine emperor, Justinian). Residents of this time even went as far as building a church within the theater! For whatever reason, though, the city was largely abandoned by the 7th century AD. And it would be several centuries before Gjirokastër Castle and its surrounding suburbs that would develop during the Middle Ages. Another destination is the Castle of Libohovë entitled Cultural Monument of first category in 1963, is situated on the East of the City of Libohovë. It was built between 1741 and 1822 by Ali Pasha of Ioannina for his sister Shanisha as a Wedding gift. The Castle has almost a rectangular plan with 70 x 80m. It is reinforced by four polygonal corner towers and a bastion in a regular geometric shape, adjacent to one of the corner towers. The fortification is equipped with three entrances. In the centre of the city is the Libohova Plane Tree, an important and symbolic Natural Monument of the 1st Category. This mangnificant platanus orientalis or orientalplane was planted in the 16th century, some say by a local barber. In the end of the tour close to the village of Labove e Kryqit, where we visit the ancient Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos,  one of the oldest in Albania. The building is typically Byzantine with a high central dome and a cross plan. The main entrance to the church is through a newer narthex. There are at least 9 distinct levels of frescoes painted on the surface of the interior walls. The church, as we see it today, dates mainly from the 13th century, from the time of the Despotate of Epirus, although a first foundation is dated to the time of Emperor Justinian in the years 527-565.


  • Explore The Roman-era archaeological site of Hadrianopolis
  • Visit The Libohove Castle
  • Have a rest at Plane Tree, in the centre of Libohove
  • Visit The Byzantine Church of St.Mery


  • Coffee & drinks
  • Lunch
  • Professional trekker leader
  • Transportation from the meeting point to the start point
  • Transportation from the end point to the meeting point
  • First-aid box


Our journey begins at 09 am, from Bukowski Bar, Gjirokaster. This tour gives you an opportunity to observe the archaeological site of Hadrianopol, a Roman-era site such a fascinating area. Our expert guides will take you to see the theatre where The Roman emperor Hadrian was often seen enjoying the theatre on warm summer nights while visited the area around Gjirokaster in AD 125. Next, head to the Castle of Libohove, a Middle Age monument. The castle is a substantial fortress with four polygonal corner towers and a curtain wall surrounding a wide courtyard. We will have a break for a coffee under the branches of the 560 years old Plane Tree, in the centre of the town. After some free time for a few last pictures and lunch the tour will continue further south along the picturesque road of Labove e Kryqit. Regardless of your faith, it’s impossible to imagine the beauty of St. Mery Church, in Labova e Kryqit, one of the oldest in Albania. Other attractions in the area are apartment complex of the Zhapa family, the old classroom, churches and various monasteries. The landscape is beautiful and surrounded by valleys and picturesque places, covered with numerous medicinal plants. Return at Bukowski Bar, Gjirokaster


5 – 7 hours



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Hadrianopolis Ancient Theater, Sofratikë, Albania


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From: €60.00
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