Thermal waters of Benje

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Thermal Water, Përmet, Albania
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The thermal waters of Benje- an idyllic destination on the city of Permet.

The thermal waters of the Benje baths in Përmet are famous throughout Albania for their healing properties. Considered by specialists to be among the best in Europe and with a water temperature ranging from 26 to 32 ° C, these thermal waters are particularly used for chronic rheumatic diseases, for stomach diseases and for skin care. It seems that it is enough to stay immersed in these waters for a few minutes a day to receive the benefits. The thermal pools are located about 13 km from Permet, and the old Ottoman bridge Ura e Kadiut, built in 1760, leads to them. In ancient times, the area of ​​Përmet was known as Trifilia and was part of the “Melotid Region”. In the center of the city there is a rock, which has a legend associated with the name of the city. Dates back to 500 years ago, lies on a small surface that, together with the surroundings, is 929 km2. The tradition of this city is a variety of roses that can be found throughout the city, in the park as well as in the old houses from where it got the name “City of Roses”. Rising above a beautiful hillside overlooking the village of Alipostivan, lies the main tekke of all Bektashi believers, built by Baba Ali in 1857. With a spectacular view, all of the Vjosa valley can be seen from this spot. A typical tekke construction with the intertwining white and green make this place not only rich in spiritual values, but also one with rare cultural values, inherently informative regarding the construction and history of the tekke, the devotional place of the Bektashi order.Before long, the beautiful 19th-century church will come into view, peaking out of the trees in the distance. Saint Mary’s Church is a domed basilica that’s entirely covered in vivid frescoes, the church is beautifully decorated in murals and in icons.Along the valley of the gorge of Kelcyre, there is the black water source, not very well known, which retains its blueness even when it mixes with the waters of the Vjose river. This landscape has irreplaceable environmental values, as well as being stimulating and creative for visitors.


  • We admire the Kelcyra Gorge and its Black Eye Spring
  • We visit the “holy city” Alipostivan Tekke
  • We visit Permet city or the city of Roses
  • Discover the thermal water of Benje
  • We admire the ancient church of St. Mary


  • Lunch and drinks


Get out of the city and discover the beauty of thermal water of Benje, in Permet, meet our tour operator at 9 am at Bukowski Bar. We turn for a short coffee break at Uji I Ftohte resort, in Tepelene. Begin our adventure by driving to the picturesque Gorge of Kelcyra. After you’ve taken in views of the entire length of the Kelcyra Gorge, stop along the way and take a refreshing swim at the Black Eye (Syri i Zi), a gorgeous – clear, blue water surprising depths. A partly off road for several km makes your photo dreams come true with its unique view. We arrive at the “holy city” of the Tekke of Alipostivan, a spiritual destination. Then drive to the city of Permet, an ancient city, known as “City of the Roses”. Famous for its folk music, literature personalities, and the good cooking, especially sweets. A fairytale ride to the wonderland of Leusa region. The steep cobblestoned alleys are nice to explore, but the highlight is undoubtedly the late 18th-century St Mary's church. Beautifully nestled in the forest, it has an elegant porch and a high interior with icons, frescoes and carved walnut wood decorations. The peaceful graveyard outside overlooks the Vjosa valley. Finally we arrive at the famous thermal water of Benje, situated amidst gorgeous natural surroundings. Even if you’re in good health, the baths are a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon. At the end of our tour, we will reach the point where we started.


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Thermal Water, Përmet, Albania


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Best tours and guides in Gjirokaster, Albania
Um dia perfeito. A rasgar pelos caminhos da montanha numa 4x4 até chegarmos ao Black Eye, a lagoa de azul obscuro e turquesa Syri i Zi. As termas de Benje, depois da paragem em Permet, foram uma imersão de alma. Há lugares especiais no mundo, Benje é seguramente um deles. O almoço foi um dos melhores que tivemos em toda a Albânia, em Petran, onde o tempo pára e a vida corre suavemente. Faria tudo de novo outra vez!
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Best tours and guides in Gjirokaster, Albania
Recomendo absolutamente esta tour. A paisagem é incrível e o Ilir é muito acolhedor e generoso. A não perder para quem se interessa em entrar em contacto com a Albânia genuína!
Best tours and guides in Gjirokaster, Albania


It was my first time there, and an amazing experience..the journey through the mountains.. the guide a very special welcoming person … this kind of nature and food you can rarely find .. impressed..highly recommended🤍..

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From: €70.00
5 (3 Reviews)



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